Strip At Night 2016

It sure would be nice to enjoy these things with my girl, my life partner. Too bad I don’t have one. Well, better I at least experience half the fun than none at all.


Strip At Night Part 3

It’s hard to describe the feelings after a race. Elation, fatigue, thirst and even hunger meld into a existential universe that seemed, at least to me, to be unique to runners. That probably isn’t the case though, but I was far from philosophical musings at that moment.


Strip At Night Part 2

It was a good four miles or so to the start line at Mandalay Bay, but the strip was closed to all traffic at about two o’clock. That meant no transportation. It also meant a significant walk, just to get to the start line. I allowed myself a couple of hours for walking. It was […]

Strip At Night Part 1

There are more full marathons coming up in the future, but rather than starting from scratch with small runs at the beginning of a training cycle, starting with half marathons and working up from there seemed more sensible. This was one of those half marathons, and it would be down the strip in Las Vegas.