Blue Skies, Illinois Style

With yet another marathon under my belt, there would be plenty of boasting when I got back to work, not in a haughty, imperious manner, but in a sort of self astonishment that the likes of me could have actually pull off just a feat. I would be more humble with my family though, mainly […]

Weekend in Santa Barbara Part 5

With my head still in the clouds from the morning adventure, the bonus that was to come that evening would ensure that my head would stay there. The hotel check-in was still a few hours away, but the drive back to Santa Barbara and a leisurely lunch would make the timing almost perfect. As perfect […]

Weekend In Santa Barbara Part 4

Now it was my turn to be authorized personnel. They called my name and was introduced to my instructor, Paul, who would be hurling me out of the airplane. Of course he would be attached to me, so it would be a controlled hurl. He asked if I wanted to wear a jump suit. Although […]

Weekend In Santa Barbara Part 2

They said to expect to spend half the day at the skydiving place, so I picked an early morning jump to make sure I would have time to check in to the hotel in Santa Barbara, take a little nap and see Jackie that evening. It was very windy the night before and still a […]

Weekend in Santa Barbara Part 1

Even to someone who has never skydived, the thought of it conjures images of an adrenaline filled descent fraught with danger. It’s not for everybody, and in reality, it didn’t seem like it was for me, but it was a bucket list item. Just this one time…