The Wrong Way to Pursue a Goal

Well, there was some good news and bad news this month. The plan in my head was to get in shape and possibly run a 1/2 marathon sometime this year. As my training progressed, the idea of a full marathon seemed possible. Going from a 5k to a marathon in a matter of months was […]

On The Run With Wild Animals

Outdoor running is indeed a pleasurable experience, but at the same time, it would be wise to take some precautions-just in case.


All Around Fitness Tips For Runners

Running is a great sport and can get you into great shape, but at the same time, focusing on just the running aspects and ignoring the body overall can turn you into a one dimensional athlete.


Running With L.A.

It’s amazing to plant an idea in the mind and watch it take root and grow. What started out as a pipe dream far into the future was now looking like near-term reality. This would be my second 10k in 2 months, a monumental achievement in and of itself, considering back problems almost cost me […]

12 Mile Smile

It was only April, when my back hurt so bad I could barely finish a 5k race. How fast things can change. Determination and self-confidence can take you far. So far, they have taken me further than I’ve ever been before. A few short months ago, it would have been crazy for me to think […]