Clinic In Self Sabotage

On a certain level, you know what to do, but sometimes the hints are so subtle they aren’t heeded. Then there are the cases of your conscious mind thinking it has all the answers. Fresh off the Chicago Marathon and my first skydiving experience a few months after that, my mind was open to the […]

The Evolution of This Blog

Most people that start a blog have at least some idea of what kind of content they would like to have. This blog was no different, but the idea wasn’t well defined, and as a result, it has gone through several different iterations. For a while I thought that it was just random experimenting in […]

Seeing Is Believing

What do you want? This may be the most difficult question ever posed to you. If you ask that question to someone, if you don’t get an “I don’t know” (which is very common), you may get answers like a new car, or a promotion.

That’s not what you want. No child ever says that […]

The Subliminal Key

You’ve heard it before, and most likely experienced it in your own life: you set a goal and are 100% dedicated to achieving that goal. As time passes though, you realize that things aren’t going your way, circumstances change your plans and-the goal is never reached.

Why is this? Isn’t the standard protocol to write […]