Chicago Marathon (Conclusion)

My head felt fine, but my body was starting to hurt. My legs were cramping and I knew that the toughest part of the marathon was still miles away. It was payback time for all the mistakes I had made in training. The missed-or abbreviated runs, the poor diet, the lack of sleep, the unnecessary […]

Chicago Marathon Part 3

The start was very slow, no surprise given the monstrous size of the event. It was just like the video I had seen on YouTube. I used that video to motivate myself, and see myself running that same course. What do you know, here I was, and it was exactly as I imagined. As the […]

Chicago Marathon Part 2

It was a bit of a surreal site walking the half mile or so to the main attraction. Temperatures were hovering in the 40’s in the still dark morning, but throngs of people were making their way to the race clad in shorts and whatever disposable top they were using to keep warm. I blended […]

Chicago Marathon Part 1

As the alarm went off at 5am, unbelievably there was the urge to roll over and go back to sleep. The reason for being in Chicago, the months of training-the bragging-and it was sleepy time. That wasn’t going to happen. It was a brief feeling, perhaps a little apprehensiveness for what was to come. After […]

Commitment to Chicago

The 2013 Chicago Marathon sold out so fast I was caught flat footed (so to speak) and missed my opportunity. I would not make the same mistake in 2014. It was a commitment, and one that needed to be pursued aggressively. For this marathon, there was no mulling it over. You either get your foot […]