The Wrong Way to Pursue a Goal

Well, there was some good news and bad news this month. The plan in my head was to get in shape and possibly run a 1/2 marathon sometime this year. As my training progressed, the idea of a full marathon seemed possible. Going from a 5k to a marathon in a matter of months was […]

Losing Sight of Your Goals

If you set a goal, make sure to write it down. Even though you think you have your goal in mind, you just might forget.

When I started running again back in April, my goal was to get back in shape and possibly run a half marathon sometime before the end of the year. As […]

Running With L.A.

It’s amazing to plant an idea in the mind and watch it take root and grow. What started out as a pipe dream far into the future was now looking like near-term reality. This would be my second 10k in 2 months, a monumental achievement in and of itself, considering back problems almost cost me […]

Eye On Surgery

When the wheel of fortune is at the top, why stop at one resolution? If things are going your way, take full advantage. There will always be ups and downs in life, but when things are up, do everything you can so as to mitigate the effects of the down times.


A Dental Resolution

Everyone has had new year’s resolutions, and most of us have had years come and go without ever following through on those resolutions. What would it look like to actually follow through on one of those resolutions?