Fortuitous Disaster

Not everyone has the same body constitution, weight or natural ability to run. To overdo it on the road could cause fatigue, lack of motivation and even injury. One size fits all running plans run the risk of pointing you in this direction. It certainly did for me. Just my luck…


Weekend In Santa Barbara Part 4

Now it was my turn to be authorized personnel. They called my name and was introduced to my instructor, Paul, who would be hurling me out of the airplane. Of course he would be attached to me, so it would be a controlled hurl. He asked if I wanted to wear a jump suit. Although […]

Turning An Idea Into A Goal

Committing to a goal and putting it on paper will dramatically increase the chances of success. Having an idea in your head is just fine, but it’s just that; an idea. You could still get lucky and achieve that goal floating around in your head, but you’re more likely to fail and have that idea […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of year, and like so many others I have new year’s resolutions. Unlike years past though the last few have been quite successful, relative to my little universe. The idea this year is to make 2013 better than 2012. If the trend the last few years holds true 2013 looks pretty […]

The Evolution of This Blog

Most people that start a blog have at least some idea of what kind of content they would like to have. This blog was no different, but the idea wasn’t well defined, and as a result, it has gone through several different iterations. For a while I thought that it was just random experimenting in […]