Chicago Marathon 2016 (Part 3)

Despite the ample warmup time, the hourlong shuffle to the startline had stiffened my muscles somewhat and the beginning of the race felt awkward, if not a little ominous. Of course, the rewarm would only take minutes, and in the meantime I was still passing many of the back-of-the-pack runners.


Chicago Marathon 2016 (Part 2)

It was still dark as I stepped out into the cool morning air, although daylight was just beginning its ascent. Unlike last year where it was a warmup-type jaunt to Gate 5 this year it was right in front of me. As with any race of this magnitude, there was the fleeting thought of whether […]

Chicago Marathon 2016 (Part 1)

The marathon was two days away and I was in the last phase of my carb loading phase. That meant stuffing as much carbohydrates as possible down my throat before hitting the streets of Chicago. It was going to be a pasta weekend, at least until Sunday night.


Weekend in Santa Barbara Part 1

Even to someone who has never skydived, the thought of it conjures images of an adrenaline filled descent fraught with danger. It’s not for everybody, and in reality, it didn’t seem like it was for me, but it was a bucket list item. Just this one time…


Chicago Marathon (Conclusion)

My head felt fine, but my body was starting to hurt. My legs were cramping and I knew that the toughest part of the marathon was still miles away. It was payback time for all the mistakes I had made in training. The missed-or abbreviated runs, the poor diet, the lack of sleep, the unnecessary […]