Clinic In Self Sabotage

On a certain level, you know what to do, but sometimes the hints are so subtle they aren’t heeded. Then there are the cases of your conscious mind thinking it has all the answers. Fresh off the Chicago Marathon and my first skydiving experience a few months after that, my mind was open to the next new adventure. I wasn’t actively seeking anything in particular, but just open. When you think like that, things seem to come your way. It’s just a matter of if you’re in tune enough to notice. This was a case where I indeed noticed, but was way out of tune. Continue reading Clinic In Self Sabotage

Weekend in Santa Barbara (conclusion)

Jackie travels with a smaller captured crew these days, which would make sense. Having a full orchestra drop whatever they were doing and learn all of Jackie’s songs for a single show was asking alot. But, she did do that for a while. The setup this night was just fine though, with a small ensemble of orchestra players (I think there is name for that), and a conductor who doubled on the piano. He had a couple of laptops around him as well which apparently was used for the enhanced sound. That is, sounds that weren’t coming from anybody onstage. He essentially ran the show. Well, he wasn’t running everything. Continue reading Weekend in Santa Barbara (conclusion)

Weekend in Santa Barbara Part 5

With my head still in the clouds from the morning adventure, the bonus that was to come that evening would ensure that my head would stay there. The hotel check-in was still a few hours away, but the drive back to Santa Barbara and a leisurely lunch would make the timing almost perfect. As perfect as the day had been thus far. Continue reading Weekend in Santa Barbara Part 5

Weekend In Santa Barbara Part 4

Now it was my turn to be authorized personnel. They called my name and was introduced to my instructor, Paul, who would be hurling me out of the airplane. Of course he would be attached to me, so it would be a controlled hurl. He asked if I wanted to wear a jump suit. Although it was cool that morning, he had nothing but a long sleeve shirt. If that was good enough for him… Continue reading Weekend In Santa Barbara Part 4

Weekend In Santa Barbara Part 3

There was the hangar, but there was also what appeared to be temporary trailers nearby. Without further directions I headed into the hangar. Small plane, check, skydiving class in session, check. This must be the place. I had to navigate around the plane to reach the area where the class was being held. As it turned out, it was a class, and not where amateur divers like me were supposed to be. After getting directions to one of those trailers things started to make more sense. Well, as much sense as exiting an airplane in mid flight could be. Continue reading Weekend In Santa Barbara Part 3