20 Mile Smile

Do it smart and you’ll probably do it right. I did it smart this time. Hey, maybe this will become a habit.Of course, it should have already been a habit, but as the saying goes, One day at a time. Continue reading 20 Mile Smile

Fortuitous Disaster

Not everyone has the same body constitution, weight or natural ability to run. To overdo it on the road could cause fatigue, lack of motivation and even injury. One size fits all running plans run the risk of pointing you in this direction. It certainly did for me. Just my luckContinue reading Fortuitous Disaster

Too Hot To Handle

Even if you hydrate fully, pick the coolest time of day, prepare yourself in every way for a run in hot weather, you would still be hard pressed to come up with a stellar training run. Take half-baked measures to prepare and you are guaranteed to have a bad day. Continue reading Too Hot To Handle

On The Run With Wild Animals (Redux)

Running outdoors beats hammering out miles on the treadmill hands down. But if you want some open space and get out of the range of a wayward automobile you might have to go off the beaten path. But just because you’re off the beaten path doesn’t necessarily mean you’re alone. Continue reading On The Run With Wild Animals (Redux)

The 180 Steps Per Minute Myth

Poor Jack, he makes one simple observation and it gets blown up to legendary proportions. One mans stride is another mans gallop. You’d never know that with some of the comments floating around the web. Continue reading The 180 Steps Per Minute Myth