On The Run With Wild Animals (Redux)

Running outdoors beats hammering out miles on the treadmill hands down. But if you want some open space and get out of the range of a wayward automobile you might have to go off the beaten path. But just because you’re off the beaten path doesn’t necessarily mean you’re alone.


The 180 Steps Per Minute Myth

Poor Jack, he makes one simple observation and it gets blown up to legendary proportions. One mans stride is another mans gallop. You’d never know that with some of the comments floating around the web.


All Around Fitness Tips For Runners

Running is a great sport and can get you into great shape, but at the same time, focusing on just the running aspects and ignoring the body overall can turn you into a one dimensional athlete.


12 Mile Smile

It was only April, when my back hurt so bad I could barely finish a 5k race. How fast things can change. Determination and self-confidence can take you far. So far, they have taken me further than I’ve ever been before. A few short months ago, it would have been crazy for me to think […]

One Minute Exercise Follow-up

This is a follow-up to the one minute exercise experiment. The idea was to exercise for one minute and one minute only every 10 minutes for 8 hours. It did seem to have an effect; my muscles were a little sore, so it seems to me that something like this would be effective. Not sure […]