The Cruise of the Dream Ship

The Cruise of the Dream ShipThe Cruise of the Dream Ship by Stock
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This book reads like a Ralph Stock diary of sailing the South Seas. That’s because it pretty much was exactly that. What was disappointing was that despite the gushing praise heaped upon this dream ship by Stock, there was little in the way of trial and tribulations at sea, save the occasional comic relief over the little auxiliary engine that couldn’t. Almost the the entirety of the book was the stops they made along the way, interesting at first, but redundant at the end. If you’re interested in that sort of thing; the natives of these South Seas isles, barely touched by civilization, then you’ll be entertained. I was looking more for the man v.s. sea theme, and it wasn’t to be found in this book.

The further it went along, the more boring it became, because it was almost the same experience; various undeveloped societies. Unless you can dial in on the subtleties of each place, the axiom of if you’ve been to one of these islands, you’ve been to them all certainly applies, and the author was lacking in delineating these subtleties, although he did note on multiple occasions how whitey was soiling these beautiful civilizations. Always whitey.

Stock was unprepared, he was reckless, even bordering on criminality with the damage caused to other vessels, he was uneducated as to how he would actually accomplish his dream, but-he did it anyway. If anything can be taken away from this book it is that if you have a dream, go for it. One day you’ll wake up and find your ship has sailed. Ralph Stock’s ship sailed, and fortunately for him, he happened to be on board.

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