Weekend in Santa Barbara Part 1

Even to someone who has never skydived, the thought of it conjures images of an adrenaline filled descent fraught with danger. It’s not for everybody, and in reality, it didn’t seem like it was for me, but it was a bucket list item. Just this one time…

After running the Chicago Marathon there was a lull in my life. After months of training and full dedication to a single task, all of that was now over and it was back to regular life. There was nothing new on the horizon, and life suddenly started to look very plain, almost dreary. Apparently, this phenomenon is not that uncommon in the aftermath of something so emotionally and physically consuming. The key for me would be how to deal with the letdown of no longer striving for a goal with everything I had. In my mind, what could top-or even come close to traveling to Chicago and running 26.2 miles? I pulled it off and was higher than a kite at the time, but after a few months the high had worn off to a certain degree, and my mind was now trying to formulate a way of telling to keep going. Well, there wasn’t another marathon on the horizon, not for me anyway, so it would have to be something short and sweet.

Skydiving had been on my radar before, and now it was on my radar again, in the form of a weekend getaway. Jackie Evancho was coming to Santa Barbara, and there was a skydiving company not far from there. I would be able to enjoy what would be a spectacular weekend for me: Skydive in the morning, and see Jackie in the evening. If anything was to get me out of the malaise I was in, it was a weekend like this. I bought the tickets and booked the jump. I knew what to expect from Jackie. A talented, charming, vibrant entertainer, it would have been worth the drive to Santa Barbara just to see her. I was just going to start the weekend by jumping out of an airplane. Is it jump or push? I had no idea. All the planning in the world wasn’t going to prepare me for what was about to happen. How could it? I had never attempted any kind of activity on the scale of a skydive, so I had nothing with which to compare. First time for everything…

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