Strip At Night Part 3

It’s hard to describe the feelings after a race. Elation, fatigue, thirst and even hunger meld into a existential universe that seemed, at least to me, to be unique to runners. That probably isn’t the case though, but I was far from philosophical musings at that moment.745501-1072-0003s

Throngs of runners milled around the recovery area, along with a multitude of photographers and volunteers handing out the sustenance I was looking for. As I made my way through the area I posed for my first picture, literally seconds after crossing the finish line. The picture would certainly capture that moment, for better or worse. From there I took a water and then a Gatorade from the first hand offering them my way. I spotted the blankets. You know those kind of foil-like wraps that block the wind? It was good enough. It didn’t seem that cold during the race, but afterwards it got a little chilly. The blanket held in the body heat and I only dropped it to pose for another picture. Mmmm, chocolate milk. My hands were getting full. I just wanted to sit down somewhere. I found a place along side the chain link fence that bounded the recovery area. I relaxed there a while, taking in the signts and sounds and enjoying my milk. Funny how good, how sweet things taste after a race.

Eventually I had to get back to the hotel, but my foot was very sore by then. I knew there was a blister there, but I didn’t know how bad it was. Felt pretty bad. I slowly made my way to the trucks where my gear was. Miss Rude apparently didn’t ditch my bag because they had it safe and sound. It was a long walk to the trucks though, and I found myself in front of the Bellagio. I took my bag and had another seat on the curb. It was a chance to rest my legs again, put my sweater on and enjoy my beverages. The drinks were cold, so sitting there was an opportunity to set them down. Everything was getting cold. Suddenly, the fountain show began behind me. Quite impressive. I craned my body around to enjoy the sight. I motivated me to get up and take a little video with my phone that was in the bag. I know, no valuables in the bag, but the phone I had wasn’t that valuable. Good enough to take some vid of the fountain.

Slowly I started making my way back to Circus Circus. It was a painful walk, but at least there was entertainment along the way. The Mirage was having their volcano show as I was walking by. The heat from the flames felt good. It was also another reason to take a break. But I really wanted to get back to the hotel. My foot was really starting to hurt bad.

It was a challenge to make my way through the crowd. They were in no hurry at all and I was. With the way the street was blocked off there was a point where I had to climb the stairs at Treasure Island and go around. The sidewalk at that point was unavailable. As I made my way around I saw the full marathoners making their way in. They looked tired. I wondered if I looked that beat. I joined the crowd in shouting encouragement to them. Yes, it is appreciated, even if the runners don’t acknowledge.

Finally the hotel was in sight. I had run by it twice during the race, but the third time was the charm. It had been a long day. The wild scene next door, the adventure just getting to the race, and the race itself. What I didn’t realize is how tough it would be to walk back to the hotel. I just wanted to relax and take off my shoes. Making my way into the hotel and up to my room was the last leg of the journey. Success. There was still the matter of my foot though. I got to the room and the first thing I did was remove my shoe. As I suspected, a blister had formed. What surprised me was how big it was. I ran on that?

A quick shower and into bed. I would go down and get some dinner later, but I just wanted to relax for a while and bask in my conquest. Yes, a goal set, a goal acheived. It felt good to feel so bad if that makes any sense. It made perfect sense to me.

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