Strip At Night Part 1

There are more full marathons coming up in the future, but rather than starting from scratch with small runs at the beginning of a training cycle, starting with half marathons and working up from there seemed more sensible. This was one of those half marathons, and it would be down the strip in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, sin city, and this was to be the site of my next half marathon. There were originally kids in the picture we would be staying at Circus Circus. That kind of fell through and I ended up going alone. Circus Circus was still the cheapest deal around though, so I ended staying there anyway. Although I did look at a map, it turned out to be a significant distance away from the starting line. Many posts on this blog cover goal setting and writing down your goals, and that would include day to day operations that in theory will make any endeavor go more smoothly. Ignoring my own good advice, this was a clinic poor planning, that hopefully will be chalked up to a lesson learned.

Upon arriving at the airport, the plan was to grab a taxi and be whisked to the hotel. It turns out that a taxi would have been very expensive, but fortunately there was an alternative. Round trip shuttles were available for purchase, and although the wait time was annoying, it beat an expensive taxi. There normally would have been plenty of time to get to the hotel and over to the convention center to pick up my packet, but with the shuttle delay, time was now crunched.

After checking in and getting directions to the convention center I started walking. With only an hour before the expo closed there was no time to lose, but the hotel was in close proximity and I made it with time to spare. I got my packet and was directed to a line of tables where I could get my t-shirt. They had women’s and unisex. I half-jokingly asked the kid at the table where the men’s shirts were. She replied that the unisex ones were the men’s shirts, and her pal chimed in that life ain’t fair. I was just kidding. She wasn’t though.

“Do you want a shirt or not?” Must have been a long day for her. I told her what I thought of her attitude with a look, grabbed my shirt and headed out, with the expo now about to close. Nobody was going to ruin my good time, except maybe me. With the shuttle and Miss Rude at the expo though it was getting easier to allow others to ruin my trip.

After a nice dinner and taking in the sights and attractions at the hotel I turned in for the night. For our neighbors in the next room it was a different story.

The ruckus in the next room was loud enough to awaken me. I looked at the clock on the nightstand and noted that it was nearly 3am. It sounded like an orgy next door. Turns out it was just a couple, but unfortunately for them the wrong couple. After several minutes of what can only be described as the most unerotic sex play, I heard the sound of the door open next door. That was when the real fireworks started. Apparently, two couples went to Vegas together, and husband number one and wife number two were caught in the act. The implosion probably woke half the floor and even merited a visit from security. Wife number one was going to tell husband number two all about what she had walked in on, and no doubt, their lives would never be the same. Too bad for the poor wife and husband who were on the receiving end of this lurid revelation. They must have left town shortly after, because there wasn’t a sound from that room the rest of the trip.

The incident next door made the night a little shorter than planned, but this was Vegas on Sunday morning. Every NFL game broadcast was there for the viewing at the same time. Hard to pass up for any football fan, including me. While a good portion of the parents that managed to escape their kids for a few moments were drinking it up, it was water and a bagel for me. There was half marathon tonight, and alcohol was out of the question. It usually is for me anyway, but today especially.

After missing the chance to bet on some games that would have been winners, it was time to get ready and find a way to the start line.

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