Turning An Idea Into A Goal

Committing to a goal and putting it on paper will dramatically increase the chances of success. Having an idea in your head is just fine, but it’s just that; an idea. You could still get lucky and achieve that goal floating around in your head, but you’re more likely to fail and have that idea morph into endlessly evolving ideas without ever having a solid target to aim for. Set your goals and stick with them.

Sailing-towards-horizon1378 I talked before about new year’s resolutions that come up every year, and for most fade away within a few weeks-or sooner. A goal without a commitment is just an idea. Ideas are key, but unless you’re willing to go the next step, those same ideas will become a disappointment, mainly because they never went any further than they did. Let’s use a simple example. Let’say you want to go to school and get a degree in something. That’s the idea. Having this idea in your head, you register for class and start your journey the next semester. The problem is that you haven’t committed to a particular type of degree, so you end up taking classes that may or may not be relevant to what your eventual degree would be. The result will likely be you losing interest and dropping out. After all, going to school, especially a university is a lot of work, and is an even more difficult task if you’re working at the same time.

On the other hand, if you decided to get a degree in say, accounting, and then take the type of classes required for that degree, the chances of success are much greater. The plan is there, and it’s on paper. These are the classes, this is how long it will take and this is what will be required of you. If you commit to a goal in this way, the decisions actually become easier. Every decision you make will be directed towards accomplishing that final goal; to attain a degree in accounting. The plan is in place; you just have to execute.

You can implement this same technique for just about any goal. First the idea, and then the plan. The plan can get complicated, no doubt about it, but if you commit that idea to paper, you’re half way home. You would be surprised how you were able to find a way to get things done that would have seemed impossible while it was still an embryonic idea.

I’ll be posting in near future true life stories that show the power of commitment to a goal. I’ve already proven to myself that just about anything is possible. Start with something small and prove it to yourself. If you want to lose five pounds, make the commitment and write it down. If you want that new pair of shoes that may not be in your budget, commit and write it down. You’ll be surprised at how you find a way when you commit. Stay tuned for more examples of that.

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