New Year’s Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of year, and like so many others I have new year’s resolutions. Unlike years past though the last few have been quite successful, relative to my little universe. The idea this year is to make 2013 better than 2012. If the trend the last few years holds true 2013 looks pretty good.

It all started in 2008 when I graduated from college and finally got a degree to be proud of. That, along with a cruise to Mexico in celebration was one of my more successful years. 2009 was a rest on your accomplishments year, but that got old quickly. That was the old me. What was accomplished in 2008 seemed like a pipe dream in years past, but now it was very real. Why stop there?
2010 got me back into running after neglecting my body in order to pursue my education. For the time being I had the education I wanted and it was time for something new. Well, running wasn’t exactly new, it was kind of a Back to the Future for me and marathon girl at work helped get me on track. That was just the beginning though. Things that had nagged at me for years were going to be addressed now. My crooked teeth needed braces, and this was the year I was going to get them. It was a process, but I got them. The lazy eye that had grown even lazier over the years needed to be addressed as well. It was, although hopefully I never have to endure eye surgery again. If those things weren’t big enough for a year, I slipped/tripped or was pushed out of my job in 2010 (another post indeed), and although it seemed to be a disaster at the time, it turned out to be the best thing that could of happened. First of all, I found out I could survive if I suddenly lost my job. It wasn’t easy, but I found a way. Eventually I found-or should I say an even better job found me. Overall, not a bad year at all. For me, even better than 2008.

2011 was amazing. My new job was awesome and the people were great. Finally I able to utilize my intelligence. I don’t claim to be a brain, but previous jobs didn’t require a whole lot intelligence. This one requires some degree of cognitive skills. I love it. That wasn’t the half of it though. My dream, that which I had worked so hard for became a reality. On a rain-soaked morning in November I finally ran a full 26-mile marathon. I will dedicate an entire post to that simply because it was such an emotional experience. 2011 was awesome.

How could I top 2011? Great job…a marathon!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding? Well, 2012 started off pretty well. In my last post I talked about seeing Jackie Evancho in concert. That wasn’t just a show I attended and then went back to my life. It became part of my experience. That was early. There was plenty of 2012 left and I took advantage. I was hired full-time permanent at my job, and with that came more money and vacation time. I used both. Not having traveled out of area since the Mexico cruise in 2008, I really wanted to get away. I traveled to the state capital, Sacramento to see the belly of the beast. Nice looking town from what I saw. It was part of my, project if you will for the year to see Jackie as often as possible. We all know how fast a child star can fade and I wanted to see here at the top.. The traveling didn’t end there though. Have you ever had an impulse, and then acted on it? I decided to fly to New York for the weekend. Yes, just the weekend. Jackie was playing there, but there was something else I wanted to do as well: Visit ground zero. I told myself if I ever get a chance…I got it. Quite an emotional experience. Not sure if I could actually pen how I felt. Maybe later.

I talked about what I did at the end of the year. No marathon, but I have a plan. There are more coming. 2013 will be incredible if my plans come to fruition. And why wouldn’t they? My plans have been working out since 2008. It will be tough to top the last several years, and that’s what makes the prospect of 2013 so exciting.

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