The Evolution of This Blog

Most people that start a blog have at least some idea of what kind of content they would like to have. This blog was no different, but the idea wasn’t well defined, and as a result, it has gone through several different iterations. For a while I thought that it was just random experimenting in order to find my niche. Well, it could be. The 12th House has many hallways.

In the beginning it was a mish-mosh of entertaining anecdotes and advice based on personal experience. Some of the posts were old school assignments that I though worthy of publishing. As time went on though, it took a more authoritative tone, mostly in the area of health and fitness. There are many articles here that give advice on diet, exercise, and all around fitness.

Personal development is a big part of this blog as well. The advice given here will go a long way towards an improved and successful life. Although I am no expert in these subjects, I do know something, and am happy to impart the information. The issue is that I don’t always follow my own advice. Why not? It is good advice, and the information is sound. So what’s the problem?

As the expression goes, it’s easier said than done. I can talk about a healthy diet all day long, but the convenience of a fast food meal still pulls me in. I can detail how writing down your goals will do wonders for the possibility of achieving them, but when it comes to my own personal goals, I rarely write them down, much less read them nightly. Not that goals haven’t been accomplished, they have, and they’ve been detailed on this blog. But writing all my goals down would have made me even more productive. I know that, but didn’t do it. Why not?

Nobody is perfect. I would be the first one to admit that, but at the same time, there is a lingering question as to why I don’t take advantage of known tools that would bring me closer to what I want. That’s the frustrating thing. What I want is within arms reach. I know the path, I have the tools-but I don’t always use them. This is where I am right now, and I suspect there are many others in the same situation. The current focus of this blog is my pursuit of major goals (for me), and the less than smooth road I’m taking to get there. Fortunately, I know what I have to do. The challenge is to make that change, that lifestyle alteration, and embark on a new way to thinking, and subsequently a new way of living. Until then though, I will continue to wander the halls of the 12th House.

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