All Around Fitness Tips For Runners

Running is a great sport and can get you into great shape, but at the same time, focusing on just the running aspects and ignoring the body overall can turn you into a one dimensional athlete.

We have all seen the top runners and what their physiques look like; skinny as rails with very low body fat. Yes, these runners have incredible cardiovascular systems, but at the same time, they are built for running, and only running. Some of these runners may have very little upper body development at all. For the competitive runner, this may be the ideal body type. For the rest of us, total body fitness may serve us better, especially if running is not the only physical activity.

In between runs, lifting weights can keep the body toned and proportioned. For a runner, heavy weights may lead to bulkiness than can affect running performance, but lighter weights can strengthen the body overall, not to mention the aesthetic benefits derived. A nice circuit workout once or twice a week will keep the body well proportioned without having a negative effect on running performance.

Flexibility can be an issue for runners as well. The same gait mile after mile can lock leg muscles into a limited range of motion after a while. Periodic cycling, swimming, or power walking can alleviate this possibility, not to mention the benefits of working those muscles in a different way.

These tips can be applied to any physical activity. To do the same over and over can make you much better at that activity obviously, but it also limit your abilities in other areas. This site has several articles on cross-training and alternative exercises that can enhance your running, and at the same time contribute to whole body fitness.

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