Do Fat Burners Live Up To The Hype?

Shred, melt, incinerate. We hear these terms attached to the sea of fat burners on the market today. Do they really live up to the hype? Are they all they say they are?

Let me preface this by saying that of the fat burners that I have tried none have helped me lose weight. At the same time, they all recommend proper diet and exercise to go along with their product. After all they are supplements. That said, what I can tell you is my personal experience with several fat burners I have tried.

Just the name Redline made me hesitate, but after reading the ingredients, I came to conclusion that the main ingredient was caffeine. After taking Redline, I came to the conclusion that the main ingredient was caffeine.Whether in pill form or the drink, taking Redline made me feel jittery and a little queasy, to the point where I really didn’t want to exercise, which is exactly what I intended to do while taking it. A smaller dose is obviously more tolerable, but in the end, it made me feel bad, I was not inclined to exercise while under the influence, and it did not cause me to lose any weight, or fat that I could discern for that matter.

The next supplement I tried was called Meltdown. The drink was in a similar looking bottle as Redline, but it didn’t have nearly the kick. The results were the same though: no weight lost, and no discernible fat loss.

Currently I’m taking a product called Hot Rox. Even after three pills (which is the recommended max at one time), I did not get the jittery feeling like the previous two products. Not to say that I don’t feel it though. There is definitely something going on, and this particular product is much more tolerable than the other two. More effective? I’ve only been taking it for a week, and so far it looks like I’m down a few pounds. Diet? Exercise? Hot Rox? A combination of the three? Most likely the latter. I will cycle on this for about a month and gauge the results then. So far, I kind of like this one.

In the past, the only thing that for me, shredded fat, and caused weight loss was that cheap stuff that they sell at 7-11. It was usually in 2-pill packets at the counter. Loaded with ephedra and caffeine, but it did work. Talk about feeling sick though. That stuff couldn’t have been healthy. I lost weight, but after I stopped taking it (you can’t stay on that stuff too long) the weight came right back. Ephedra is banned now anyway, so who knows the quality of that particular product now. I don’t even remember the name.

In the end, diet and exercise is probably the best way to go. Supplements are most likely helpful, but if you expect it to be the cornerstone of any weight or fat loss program, you will most likely be sorely disappointed.

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