Upper Body HIIT

In my last post we focused on a lower body workout using no equipment whatsoever. If you tried it, I think you will agree that you can get an effective workout in 10 minutes. Today I want to focus on the upper body.

It may be a challenge, but it can be done. One of main issues is how to work the shoulder area. Let’s take a look. After a good stretch, do your 25-50 jumping jacks to loosen up even more. For the shoulder exercise, since there is no real equipment, take a chair and put it somewhere that will not cause it to slide. Get in the pushup position with your feet up on the chair. Depending how close your hands are to the chair will determine where the shoulder muscles will be targeted. I’ll say if you’re just starting out to do 10, but ideally a 30 second timer would be best. As in the lower body workout, 30 seconds and a 15 second rest. Next is an ordinary pushup. Most people can figure that out. Just keep that butt down. 30 on, 15 off. The third in the cycle is commonly known as a dive bomber pushup. For this one your butt will be in air at the start, and as you come down to the normal pushup position you just keep going until you’re head is up, and your midsection is nearly to the ground. You finish by essentially backtracking to the original dive bomber starting position. Take a two minute break, and start the next cycle.

Now three cycles of those pushups would be a great upper body workout in and of itself, but there is another cycle that I really enjoy: shadowboxing. 30 seconds of all out punching followed by 15 seconds of rest. When I say all out I mean all out-for you. Remember you are the competition. Don’t worry about how well someone else can do. I like to start in the classic boxing position, body turned to side of your “target”, and left leg slightly out front. Obviously, if you are a lefty, it would be just the opposite. I do straight punches, about shoulder height at some chosen target in the room. It could be a picture across the room, a lamp, anything you can focus on. 30/15. Then uppercuts, really putting your back into it. That’s the key. Any boxer will tell you arm punches are the least effective punches. Put your back into it. 30/15. I then like to do elbow shots. Hold your arms about chest level and slightly out, kind of like a football lineman making a block. Again, aim for that target and really put your back into it (did you remember to stretch first?). 30 seconds, and you should be pretty winded.

Well, I’ve covered the upper body and the lower body, but we still need to cover that all important midsection. Stay tuned…

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