Lower Body HIIT

I’ve talked about high intensity interval training previously, but as with any exercise program you have to mix it up to keep you body off center, so to speak and keep those gains (or losses) coming.

I just want to focus on a lower body workout here. There are no machines, weights, or equipment needed. This is a 10 minute workout that, unless you are already in very good shape, will leave your legs fatigued at the least, and screaming at most.

Again, I can’t overemphasize the the importance of stretching. At this point I’ll just say for this particular workout to have your back (as always) and your legs well stretched.

Start off with 25 to 50 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing and to warm you up. Take a 30 second rest and begin the 10 minute routine. Start with an exercise called kick butts. Simply, you run in place, kicking up your heels to your rear. Put some effort into it and do this for 30 seconds. Take a 15 second break. The next exercise will be jumps. Yes, simple, Kobe Bryant for a 3 jumps. The lower you squat before the jump, the more your legs will protest. It is a simple, but killer leg exercise. 30 seconds and a 15 second break. Next will be ordinary running in place, bring those thighs level height. 30 seconds and them take your 2 minute break. That entire cycle, with the breaks, takes a total of 4 minutes. Repeating that cycle 2 more times (lopping off the 2 minute break on the last one obviously), and you have an effective 10 minute workout.

Do these exercises with a sense of urgency. Half-assed effort will give you half-assed results.The idea is to push yourself to your limits. You are the competition…

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