Seeing Is Believing

What do you want? This may be the most difficult question ever posed to you. If you ask that question to someone, if you don’t get an “I don’t know” (which is very common), you may get answers like a new car, or a promotion.

That’s not what you want. No child ever says that they want to toil in some cubicle for the rest of their life, depending on someone to give them a paycheck. In the end, nobody, or almost nobody will reflect back on that new Toyota they got years ago. What do you really want?

Do you want more money? How much? From where? Are you prepared for the challenges that will result from having money? Do you want a perpetual income, or just a lump sum you can spend to your hearts desire? How will that money change your life? Is that what it will take for you have “what you want”? Do you want a better job? What job? Is it a job you love? A high paying job? Self-employment? Are you prepared for those challenges?

The point here is that if you want something, you must know exactly what it is in order for it to manifest. Yes, there are those that manifest things by accident, or use the power we all have without realizing it. For example, some years ago Tommy Lee, the drummer of Motley Crue fame said in an interview, “I knew something big was going to happen. I didn’t know what, but I knew something was going to happen.” He knew; they all knew, and they took action to bring that “something” to fruition. The rest is history.

That is an example of the power of knowing exactly what you want. Lee knew what he wanted, but he didn’t consciously know what it would look like. He knew though, in the subconscious he saw it, lived it, and became it. Who knows if he was consciously using the power of visualization, or the laser focus on a goal. What is known is that he was absolutely certain that “it” would occur.

That is the power of controlling things that you can control. And you do have control. But you have to make that first step: What do you want?

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