Pulling up the stakes

It seems about time to think about finding another place to call home. Los Angeles is very crowded, very expensive, and the quality of life has declined markedly since I moved back here 25 years ago. I’ve checked several websites that take your desired criteria and formulate the place that you would most like to live. I got answers from Salem, Oregon to Virginia Beach.
I’m looking for a place where my Latina girl feels welcome, but at the same time…not like Los Angeles. Where the living is cheap, the people are friendly, the weather is at least, relatively mild, jobs are plentiful-so on and so on.

I know it will be a culture shock for both of us to live somewhere else after so many years. The question still remains: Where? How do you “visit” potential places without spending your life savings?

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Stay tuned. I may be coming to a town near you…

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