Potty training for adults

There’s a little problem at work. Actually it’s a big problem. It seems that there are individuals that made all the way to adulthood without learning how to properly use a restroom.

Being at work 8 to 10 hours a day would naturally dictate that a bathroom be available throughout the day. There is a bathroom, of ample size and supplies. The issue is the people who use it.

Normal occurences include urinating on the toilet seat, the surrounding floor-even the toilet paper. That’s right, urinating on the toilet paper. Quite a surprise when you’ve found a toilet that hasn’t been soiled. There are even animals that smear feces on the toilet seats. I don’t know if it is on purpose, or just their “style”. It always seems to be towards the back of the seat. Looks like technique to me.

Not a big handwashing crowd either. I’m done wondering why. Culture? Lack of respect for their fellow man? Mental inacapacitation? Who knows. The problem has been brought to management’s attention though, to no avail. Management uses the executive restroom. They don’t deal with the urinites.

Holding it is not comfortable, and I’m sure not very healthy. The only reason I’m still there is that I can be late for work on a regular basis and nobody says a word. I’m too productive.

The annual company survey is out now, and anonomously I was able to vent with a polite rage that will hopefully get a response.

That blocked up twice a week crowd doesn’t understand. Ultimately, I want to have my own business and work at home. Right next my clean bathroom.

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