Chicago Marathon 2016 (Part 2)

It was still dark as I stepped out into the cool morning air, although daylight was just beginning its ascent. Unlike last year where it was a warmup-type jaunt to Gate 5 this year it was right in front of me. As with any race of this magnitude, there was the fleeting thought of whether the race would be a triumph of the spirit, or a disaster of epic proportions. But it was a fleeting thought though. There was no room for even the possibility of failure. It would be all I could muster to finish this behemoth. Still, three days a week, and NO MORE

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Chicago Marathon 2016 (Part 1)

The marathon was two days away and I was in the last phase of my carb loading phase. That meant stuffing as much carbohydrates as possible down my throat before hitting the streets of Chicago. It was going to be a pasta weekend, at least until Sunday night. Continue reading Chicago Marathon 2016 (Part 1)

Night In St. Charles

This vacation was going to be short, but it was going to be sweet. I had focused on it, prepared for it, and now it was here, just as I had imagined. However, I didn’t imagine every single detail… Continue reading Night In St. Charles

20 Mile Smile

Do it smart and you’ll probably do it right. I did it smart this time. Hey, maybe this will become a habit.Of course, it should have already been a habit, but as the saying goes, One day at a time. Continue reading 20 Mile Smile

Fortuitous Disaster

Not everyone has the same body constitution, weight or natural ability to run. To overdo it on the road could cause fatigue, lack of motivation and even injury. One size fits all running plans run the risk of pointing you in this direction. It certainly did for me. Just my luckContinue reading Fortuitous Disaster